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EmailHippo vs Xverify: Which Tool To Use for Email Validation

Aug 19, 2023

Choosing the right email verification tool can make a difference between 1,000 emails to real people or 800 emails and 200 bounces. So, you need to choose wisely.

Email Hippo vs Xverify featured picture

The two options stand out in terms of ensuring your email list is accurate and effective: Email Hippo vs Xverify. 

In this comparison, we’ll dive into their features, accuracy, pricing, and customer support, so you can make an informed choice.

EmailHippo and Xverify in a Nutshell

Today, we’re talking about email validation tools, and that’s what EmailHippo is.

EmailHippo was founded in 2000, and it served as a ‘sticky’ tool for affiliate marketing and IT advice websites. As traffic to the email checking tool became more valuable, in 2009, the company was turned into a business start-up. 

Now, EmailHippo provides its clients with different options for improving their email campaigns, including an email verification service. With a focus on accuracy, it detects disposable, invalid, and valid email addresses. 

EmailHippo clients are marketers, developers, and fraud fighters.

EmailHippo vs Xverify

Xverify specializes in email validation since 2011 and was built as a real-time data verification platform. It also provides verification services for phone numbers and postal addresses. 

Xvierify is also known for its detecting invalid email addresses and disposable email address. It offers a verification process aimed at improving sender reputation and email deliverability, ultimately benefiting email campaigns by ensuring messages reach intended recipients. 

This tool can be used by digital marketers as well as small companies with basic email marketing needs.

EmailHippo vs Xverify


When it comes to features, here are some of the most important ones.

🟠 Email Hippo

Email Hippo has 4 products:

  • Core – email address list checker for improving email marketing results and reducing bounces
  • More – email verification API checks whether an email is invalid, disposable, or mistyped automatically
  • Assess – scalable fraud prevention API for businesses of all sizes
  • Whois – displays machine-readable domain information, including calculated domain ages and expiration dates

Today, we focus on Core and More Products as their features help with email validation and verification.

Features included in the Core product:

  • Detailed syntax and verification results
  • Disposable email address detection
  • ‘Catch all’ mail server detection
  • Spam trap and greylist checks
  • A comprehensive dashboard with email address analytics

Features included in the More product:

  • Detecting invalid, mistyped, or disposable email addresses
  • Real-time validation
  • Automatically clean your marketing database
  • Online forms to verify email contact information

🔵 Xverify

Xverify has 2 products:

  • Email Verification – email verification services designed to boost your inbox deliverability
  • Email Validator – built to identify valid and invalid addresses

Features in Email Verification:

  • email validation accuracy
  • spam complaint detection
  • detection of temporary email accounts
  • easy read reports

Features in Email Validator:

  • mailbox validation
  • temporary accounts
  • high-risk detection (the process of identifying and flagging email addresses that have a higher likelihood of causing issues)


🟠 Email Hippo

➡️ 98% accuracy

Their solution analyzes 74 data points about every email for an accuracy of 98%. Additionally, it is capable of handling high volumes of data consistently, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

🔵 Xverify

➡️ 98% accuracy

Xverify can verify email addresses with 98% accuracy across more than one email domain and email provider, including AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.


🟠 Email Hippo

Email Hippo provides different pricing plans for all its products, such as Core and More. That can make people a little bit confused. And that’s not all. You can either choose one of the plans or go with pay-as-you-go rates.

Core pricing plan:

There are four available plans: 

EmailHippo pricing

  • Pay per file, 
  • Subscription, 
  • Large lists, 
  • and Enterprise. 

Prices are not listed, so you’ll have to get in touch for a personalized quote.

EmailHippo pricing

In the case of pay-as-you-go rates, for 5,000 emails, you will pay as much as $44.20 monthly. When you compare it to industry standards, it’s expensive.

More pricing plan:

For this email verification service, we also have both plans and pay-as-you-go rates. But in this case, plans are more clear.

Email Hippo pricing

There are three available plans: 

  • Edition 1 for $9.88 (best for speed),
  • Edition 2 is also for $9.88 (it has extra features compared to Edition 1)
  • and Enterprise – has custom pricing.

EmailHippo pricing

Pay-as-you-go is another option. There are two options available. That means even more pricing confusion.

You can choose Edition 1 and Edition 2 – they differ in features inside.

EmailHippo pricing

🔵 Xverify

If we are talking about Xverify, the pricing is far easier to understand, as you have only one transparent pricing plan based on pay-as-you-go rates.

Xverify pricing

For example, for 5,000 emails, you will pay $40.00. That’s all. And that’s cheaper than in Email Hippo.

Customer Support

🟠 Email Hippo

Overall, Email Hippo’s customer service is rated pretty well – 4.6/5 on Capterra. Most of the ratings are at 4 and 5 stars, but there are also 3 stars, as shown below.

EmailHippo vs Xverify review


Therefore, we can claim that this tool has good customer support.

🔵 Xverify

On the other hand, we have Xverify. In this case, user ratings are lower.

Again, according to Capterra, customer service is rated at 4 stars.

What’s more, reviews like the one below point to quite a few problems in the delivery of services by this tool, so adequate support is key here. 

Xverify review


It’s noticeable that user ratings are more favorable for Email Hippo.

However, both solutions are kind of… insufficient. Email Hippo is too expensive, Xverify lacks good reviews… so what to choose? 

None of these email verification services.

Bet on Bouncer, instead.

⭐ An alternative to EmailHippo and Xverify

A more attractive, cheaper, and customer-recommended app is Bouncer.

See why.

Bouncer as an alternative to EmailHippo vs Xverify

Bouncer offers a comprehensive set of email verification features that enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts. 

And that’s it?

Well, no.

Bouncer is a platform that can actually help you with your campaigns. It’s easy to use, secure and trustworthy, as evidenced by our customer reviews (we’ll get to them shortly).

With such a tool at your disposal, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and provide authentic and active email addresses,, and this will lead to higher engagement rates.

🔝 Features

Bouncer products and features encompass a comprehensive approach to email verification, including:

Therefore, you will improve your deliverability, performance, engagement, and ROI with just one tool.

Also, its seamless integration with popular email platforms simplifies the verification process, saving time and resources. So overall, with such options, you’re equipped to reach your target audience effortlessly, boosting the overall success of your email marketing initiatives.

🔝 Accuracy

A distinctive highlight is Bouncer’s notable accuracy rate, boasting over 99.5% accuracy of the results obtained. 

This efficiency contributes to improved bounce rates, email deliverability, and overall campaign success. 

So, for those aiming to enhance their email list quality, Bouncer stands out as a reliable option to ensure successful and effective email outreach.

🔝 Pricing

Bouncer’s pricing structure caters to various needs – both for small businesses and larger organizations. You can choose pay-as-you-go rates when you pay for the number of used email addresses, or you can simply pick up one of our pricing plans: 

  • Apprentice – $50/month
  • Adept – $200-625/month
  • Master – $1000/month
  • Enterprise – custom

What’s more, you can start for free.

However, if you choose pay-as-you-go rates, you can save a lot of money, as for 5,000 email addresses, you will be charged only $35. 

It’s significantly cheaper than if you choose Email Hippo or Xverify.

🔝 Customer Support

And what about customer support?

Our customers’ experiences speak for themselves.

Bouncer review

Bouncer premium support can handle various problems,  offering expert assistance and guidance to ensure seamless integration, address technical queries, and optimize your email verification, allowing you to focus on effective communication and engagement with your audience.

Check out Bouncer reviews on G2 here.


Bouncer fares much better when compared to tools such as Email Hippo and Xveriy.

For example, this is what the comparison between Email Hippo and Bouncer looks like:

Bouncer review


These are the facts to help you make the right decision. And as you can see, if any business is serious about improving email campaign performance, Bouncer emerges as a preferable email validation tool. 

Bouncer CTA

Verify Email Addresses with Bouncer

Email Hippo vs Xverify – these email verification tools are interesting options for your email verification needs, but after careful analysis, we conclude that this software is not ideal and you will need some alternatives to them. 

And this is where Bouncer comes in. 🎉

Bouncer is particularly suitable for small businesses and marketers, offering cost-effective plans, a free option, and catering to various needs. With Bouncer, businesses can optimize their email campaigns, reach intended recipients, and achieve higher engagement and conversion rates.

Try our plans for free and improve your email marketing as soon as possible.


#1 What is Email Hippo and Xverify?

Email Hippo and Xverify are email verification services. They ensure that the email addresses in your list are valid, verify email data, reduce bounce rates, and increase email delivery rates. 

#2 Which tool is better: EmailHippo vs Xverify?

Both tools have their advantages and disadvantages. These email validation tools can help in your email marketing. However, Email Hippo is too expensive, and Xverify lacks good reviews. You should carefully evaluate these tools if you want to improve your email campaigns.

#3 Which tool is cheaper: EmailHippo vs Xverify?

Xverify is cheaper than Email Hippo, but you shouldn’t choose your email validation service based on price only. You should closely examine these tools’ features, accuracy, and customer support as well. Then, check the price and choose a tool that works for you. 

#4 What is a better alternative to EmailHippo and Xverify?

The most reliable Email Hippo and Xverify alternative is Bouncer. It has basic and advanced features, 99,5% accuracy, premium customer support, works with various email providers, and is cheaper than these two services. Using Bouncer is the most suitable option.

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