Gmail Checker: How to Check if Gmail Emails are Real

May 21, 2024

Sam, an email marketing expert at AgencyXYZ, sent out an email campaign to a bunch of Gmail addresses. Sadly, the delivery rate was close to zero.

Gmail checker

He was puzzled and frustrated.

What went wrong?

It turned out that many of the email addresses he sent to were invalid or non-existent. Without checking if the addresses were real, his emails bounced back, and his campaign flopped.

If you want to avoid Sam’s mistake, you need to verify addresses before hitting “send.”

Today, we explain how to do it in 5 different ways.

Let’s jump right in:

Why is it important to check Gmail addresses?

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If you ever sent an email and never got a response, it might be because you sent it to invalid or non-existent addresses.

Here’s why you should check Gmail addresses:

High bounce rates

First off, when you send emails to bad addresses, your bounce rate goes through the roof. It’s like sending a letter to the wrong address – it just comes back to you.

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Low delivery rate

A high bounce rate means your emails aren’t getting delivered to the people who actually want to read them. Your messages end up lost in the digital void.

Damaged sender reputation

What’s more, this messes up your sender reputation.

Think of it like this: If you keep sending out bad mail, email servers start to think you’re a spammer. When your reputation tanks, even your valid emails might get flagged or sent straight to the spam folder. No one likes that.

How to check if a Gmail address is real: 5 strategies that work

To avoid all this, you need to verify email addresses.

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared 5 strategies to check if a Gmail address is real or not.

Use Bouncer

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Bouncer is a free* email checker you can use to verify single or multiple email accounts. It helps you see if they’re valid or not, saving you time and effort.

Here’s why Bouncer rocks:

  • Email list verification: get rid of email bounces and maximize the impact of your email marketing.
  • SOC2 Type 1 compliant and GDPR compliant: your data is safe with us.
  • Easy to navigate: just drag and drop your email list with up to 250k addresses.
  • Accurate results: we leverage AI to negotiate with SMTP servers for the best results.
  • Free verification sampling: test the quality of your list for free.

Bouncer's benefits

Who is Bouncer for?

  • Email marketers: if you rely on email campaigns to reach your audience, Bouncer helps you avoid bounces and improve your deliverability. Say goodbye to wasted emails and hello to higher open rates.
  • Small business owners: running a small business means every email counts. Pick our solution to verify email addresses and make your mail arrive in your customers’ inboxes.
  • Freelancers: managing multiple email accounts can be a hassle. With us, you can easily manage multiple accounts.
  • Tech support teams: support needs to be reliable. With Bouncer, you can verify emails and avoid dealing with invalid addresses that can slow down your response time. This is how you deliver top-notch personal tech support.
  • Developers: integrate Bouncer’s API for real-time email verification in your applications, so your users sign up with valid email addresses from the start.
  • E-commerce managers: keep your customer database by catching disposable email addresses and focusing on real, valuable customers.

If you’re ready to boost your email deliverability and engagement, sign up now and start cleaning your email list with Bouncer.

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*You get 100 free credits that never expire

Send an email to the address

Sending and email to check if an address is valid

Another way to check if a Gmail address is real is to send an email to the address.

If it gets delivered, you’re good. If it bounces back, it’s a dud.

Here are some expert tips:

  • Subject line and content: Keep it simple. Go for a non-spammy subject line and a polite message.
  • Check for bounce: If you get a bounce-back message, it’s an invalid address.
  • Track opens: Opt for an email tracker to see if the mail gets opened. You can even try voice notifications for very quick responses.


  1. Your email might get caught in spam filters, giving you a false impression that the address is invalid.
  2. It might take time for the email to bounce back.
  3. Sending unsolicited emails can annoy recipients and harm your reputation.

Use a password recovery email

Using a password recovery email

This is a tricky but effective method. Try using the “forgot password” feature on various platforms. If the platform recognizes the email, it’s valid.

Here’s how:

  • Choose a platform: pick popular sites like Google or Facebook.
  • Enter the email: type in the email in the password recovery option.
  • Look for confirmation: if the platform says the email exists, it’s valid. This way, you can verify multiple emails quickly.


  1. Some platforms might not immediately authenticate the email.
  2. Manually entering each email can be slow if you need to verify multiple addresses.
  3. Repeatedly using this method might trigger security alerts or lockouts on your accounts.

Do an IP address lookup

IP address lookup

An IP address lookup can help you see if the email domain is legitimate.

This is how you can do it:

  • Find an IP lookup tool: Use a trusted IP lookup service online.
  • Enter the email domain: Extract the domain from the email address (e.g.,
  • Check the results: Look for the IP information and see if it matches the expected location. This helps confirm if the email address belongs to a real server.


  1. Understanding IP results can be complicated if you’re not tech-savvy.
  2. This method only verifies the domain, not the specific email address.
  3. Some IP lookup tools might be outdated or have incorrect information.

Search for the address on Google

Searching for the address on Google

Simply googling the email address can reveal if it’s associated with a real person or business. Here’s the process:

  • Enter the email address in Google: Type the full email address in the search bar.
  • Check the results: Look for any associated profiles, posts, or mentions.
  • Double-check the source: see if the sources mentioning the email are trustworthy.


  1. Not all email addresses will show up in search results due to privacy settings.
  2. Common names might return irrelevant results.
  3. Manually searching for each email address can be slow, especially if you have many to check.

Easily manage multiple Gmail accounts

Thanks to using these strategies, you can easily manage multiple email accounts and make sure your messages reach valid email addresses.

Whether you’re using multiple Gmail accounts or need to verify many addresses at once, these methods will help you keep your email lists clean and effective.

Don’t let invalid addresses drag down your campaigns.

Use these tips, leverage tools like Bouncer, and enjoy smoother email marketing with Google apps.

Start checking those addresses and watch your email campaigns thrive. 

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