Hunter Email Verification: A 2024 Review

Oct 19, 2023

Keeping out of the dreaded spam folder is a top priority.

After all, the goal is for your audience to see and engage with your cold emails, isn’t it?

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So, how do you guarantee your emails land right where you want them? One solution could be the Hunter email verification tool.

Today, we’re going to show you how Hunter verifies email lists, whether it’s good or not, as well as some alternatives to consider instead of this tool.

What is Hunter and how does it work?

Hunter delivers tools for email verification and domain search, and it also provides an email finder.

At its core, Hunter verifies email addresses. You can use it to send your email marketing to valid and professional addresses.

But something that makes Hunter stand out from the other alternatives is that it is used when you don’t have email addresses. You can find addresses by entering the company’s or person’s name into Hunter. Then Hunter finds the address and verifies if it is real. This lowers your bounce rates as you only engage with professional email addresses.

Let’s dive into more details.


What is Hunter’s email verification?

Here are a few things that Hunter’s email verification is capable of. 👇

  • Hunter email verifier checks if email addresses are real and can receive messages. It ensures that the email address exists and it’s the actual email of the person you want to contact.
  • It finds invalid email addresses to keep your email marketing and email outreach efforts on track. You’ll no longer send to outdated email domains or temporary email addresses.
  • The tool looks at the email server and checks things like SMTP and MX records to see if the address is genuine.
  • After checking an email, Hunter gives a confidence score to show how likely it is to be a real address.

But… how exactly can you verify emails using Hunter?

The Hunter email verification process: key features

Check out the process step by step and look into the standout features of this app.

01 Input email addresses

👉 You start by entering the email addresses you want to check. This can be a single address or many addresses.

👉 For sending email verification requests and checking many addresses, you can upload a CSV file or use Google Sheets with the bulk email verifier.

02 Hunter email verifier starts

👉 The Hunter email verifier begins the verification process.

👉 It checks the email server of each address to see if it’s set up to get messages.

03 SMTP and MX records check

👉 Hunter does an SMTP check and looks at MX records. This is to make sure the email server is genuine and can accept emails.

04 Identify invalid email addresses

The tool finds any invalid email addresses. This protects your email marketing efforts and sender reputation.

05 Confidence score

👉 After verifying, Hunter gives each email address a confidence score. This score tells you how likely the address is real and can get emails. This seems like one of the more advanced features, but you’ll see the accuracy after the first verification checks.

06 Deliverability status

👉 Hunter checks the deliverability status. This shows if an email will go to the inbox or might be blocked. It plays a pivotal role in campaign performance as you know the level of risk for contacting a specific address and its respective owner.

07 Complete email checker report

👉 Once all steps are done, Hunter gives you a complete email checker report. This report has all the details about the email addresses you checked.

👉 It tells you which addresses are real and which might cause problems for your email marketing.

08 Access results

👉 You can see the results in Hunter’s user-friendly interface.

👉 If you have a business system, you can also use the email verifier API to get the results there.

You might have asked yourself a question…

Is it any good?

To give a straight answer here, we need some detail of Hunter’s performance. However, Hunter does not provide any information about such details as speed or accuracy on their website.

But, here is the information about their integrations:

  • Email verifier API allows you to integrate Hunter’s email verification service into your own product or system.
  • You can find and verify email addresses directly within Google Sheets.
  • Hunter offers native CRM integrations, a Zapier integration, and APIs to sync your data to over 5,000+ destinations.

Check out the list of other verification tools to have a bigger picture.

Hunter alternatives for email verification

We’ve provided four very solid alternatives for you. Although Bouncer is a powerful tool, you should make informed decisions about your email marketing tools – so here are some alternative products for email verification.

Keep in mind that these tools are used for verifying the email addresses you already have in your database. On the other hand, Hunter verifies the emails they suggest to you when finding them.

#1 Bouncer – our top bulk email verifier

Bouncer website 

  • Bouncer boasts an impressive 99%+ accuracy rate, ensuring the utmost reliability for your email campaigns.
  • Capable of validating 200,000 emails every hour per client, Bouncer is one of the fastest email validators and bulk email verification API on the market.
  • Users praise Bouncer for its intuitive interface and detailed reports, as well as a transparent pay-as-you-go offer.

Performance details

  • Bouncer has an accuracy rate of over 99%.
  • It can validate up to 200,000 emails every hour for each client.
  • Bouncer has received high ratings on platforms like G2 and Capterra, with an average score of 4.8 stars.

The strong suits

  • This email verifier advises you on what to anticipate after mailing your campaigns. The platform determines how many contacts will bounce back using its algorithm and analyzing your entire list.
  • The toxicity check feature identifies toxic email addresses on your list, such as spam traps, and widely circulated or breached addresses.
  • Bouncer ensures compliance with GDPR and SOC2 Type 1, providing the highest security standards for your bulk email verification needs.

#2 Emailable


  • Emailable’s accuracy is 88% (proven by a third-party tool)
  • The platform provides users with basic features, anti-greylisting technology, and an email quality score.
  • It offers credits that never expire (pay as you go), free unknown results, and versatile billing choices.

#3 NeverBounce


  • This email verification software is easy to navigate, providing a user-friendly experience.
  • Its accuracy score is 82%.
  • Users can easily find and understand the data in the platform’s reports.
  • NeverBounce caters to the needs of enterprises in terms of coverage and security.

#4 ZeroBounce


  • ZeroBounce claims a 99% accuracy rate for their email verification service, but it’s one of the most pricey tools.
  • The platform provides comprehensive reports, allowing users to thoroughly analyze their data.
  • Users aren’t charged for unknown results, such as incorrect email addresses.

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Conclusion on Hunter email verification process

Hunter is a relatively good tool, but it’s not a flawless one. It finds the email by the name and looks for domain information, but in fact, there’s no guarantee of how fast and accurately it performs.

So, if you seek a tool that checks email addresses that you already have in your database, you might want to choose something else.

Is it not what you’re looking for? Verify email addresses with Bouncer. Among all the alternatives we’ve provided, Bouncer takes the first place.

Haven’t got a Bouncer account yet? Sign in to verify 100 addresses for free.

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