Today, we’ll show you why building your own email verification system is not worth it, especially when you have Bouncer in the books. 

Email Verification is Where Pareto Applies

Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? It’s fascinating how it applies to email verification.

80% of the job seems pretty straightforward, but it’s the sneaky 20% that really tests your mettle. These are the tough nuts to crack that can wreak havoc on your deliverability if not handled right. 

And, yes – they demand a whopping 80% of your attention and resources. And still, they might not be as easy to handle as you might think. 

You need to pay careful attention to every detail, no matter how small, to make sure your email verification is working properly – but it might be tricky if the volume and complexity of the operation is getting out of hand. 

Why Building An In-House Email Verification System Can Be a Herculean Task

Thinking of crafting your own verification tool? 

Hold your horses! 

It’s not just about coding skills – as you’re looking at a journey filled with AI, machine learning, endless R&D, not to mention a hefty budget and years of tweaking and fine-tuning. By years, we mean more 5 or 7, not 2 or 3. 

Take Bouncer, for example. We’ve developed such a robust verification engine that even our competitors tip their hats to it. (It goes without saying that we cannot reveal which ones!) 

And it’s not just about building the tool. You’ve got to nurture it – warm it up, cool it down, maintain the infrastructure without burning out. Imagine the alternative costs: the capital, time, and your developers’ bandwidth, which could be channeled into more innovative projects. 

If we put those statements into context of numbers and figures, it might seem even more intimidating:

we’re talking about a 5-year marathon with a 5-7 person relay team.

Wouldn’t you rather deploy these resources more strategically? We think you would – and should. 

In light of that, perhaps you should start looking for a ready-to-use solution here. The choice isn’t easy since there are so many on the market. 

Picking the Right Email Verification Partner

So, how do you choose your email verification tool? 

#1 Trust in Email Verification: More Than Just a Feeling

When it comes to email verification, trust goes beyond gut instinct. It’s about verifiable track records and transparent practices. A trustworthy partner openly shares their success stories and client testimonials, providing a clear window into their reliability. Moreover, delve into their problem-solving approach. How they handle challenges and data breaches speaks volumes about their dependability.

Simply: it’s about knowing that your emails are in safe hands.

#2 Elevating Data Security to an Art Form

Data security is not just a checkbox or a badge, but an ongoing commitment. Providers with ISO and SOC1/2 certifications demonstrate a higher level of dedication to protecting your data. Investigate their encryption methods and data handling protocols. A partner who regularly updates their security measures and undergoes independent audits offers more than just compliance – they offer peace of mind.

#3 Local Expertise for European Operations

Choosing a European provider for European operations goes beyond geographical convenience. It’s about cultural alignment and understanding local regulations. A provider based in Europe is likely more adept at navigating GDPR and other region-specific data laws. They are often more attuned to the data protection laws and business practices within the region. Examine their history of compliance and ask about their strategies for staying abreast of legislative changes.

#4 Reliability Starts with Availability

Consistent availability is the hallmark of a reliable email verification service. Uptime is one thing, but you should double-check for consistent performance during peak hours and rapid response during downtimes. Evaluate their service level agreements (SLAs) and check their track record for meeting these commitments. A provider with a proactive approach to communication during service interruptions reveals a higher level of reliability.

#5 Service Excellence – Beyond the Basics

Exceptional service in email verification transcends basic customer support. It involves a proactive approach to understanding and meeting your specific needs. Look for a provider that offers both personalized support and tailored solutions. Assess their responsiveness to feedback and their ability to adapt services to evolving market demands.

#6 Integration Opportunities

A comprehensive suite of services under one roof offers more than convenience. It offers integration. Seamless integration between different tools, platforms, and applications, without a doubt enhances efficiency. Evaluate the compatibility of their tools with your existing systems. A provider that offers customizable solutions shows their commitment to fitting into your unique ecosystem.

#7 Technical Excellence Over Marketing

Technical excellence is the heart of effective email verification. This involves advanced algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and continuous innovation. It might be a wise idea to investigate the provider’s R&D investment. A partner committed to technological advancement is more likely to provide solutions that evolve with changing digital landscapes.

The effectiveness of the tool is determined by its technical proficiency and ability to deliver results, rather than its marketing appeal.

Bouncer: Your Comprehensive Email Verification Solution

Bouncer offers a powerful email verification platform that can enhance your business’s email strategy – without you having to build that on your own. 

Here’s a breakdown of Bouncer’s key features, but feel free to explore more of them:

  • Data Security: Bouncer prioritizes your data’s safety with top-level security measures, including ISO and SOC1 certifications (SOC2 in progress), ensuring your email data is always protected.
  • Technology and Accuracy: Bouncer employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to verify emails with high accuracy and efficiency.
  • GDPR Compliance: Our strict adherence to GDPR and other local data laws guarantees compliance and peace of mind for businesses in Europe. 
  • Customer Support: Bouncer offers exceptional customer support tailored to your specific email verification needs. 

With Bouncer, you gain access to a platform that not only meets but exceeds the standard requirements for email verification. So why would you even consider building your own? 🙂 

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