What is Bouncer, why you should use it to verify your email list, and who the heck is Winston? Read further to find the answers.

Every business that picked email as a form of communication with their clients soon will realize that they need to verify their email addresses. It might be due to high bounce rate, poor sender reputation, fake account signups etc. In this article, I’ll explain why you should verify your list, who we are and will talk about Winston and his role in Bouncer.
Numbers first!

In 2014 every day 191 billion emails were sent! By 2016 it was already 215 billion emails daily, and at a yearly growth of 4,6%, it is estimated that in 2020, 258 billion emails will be sent every day! (Source: The Wonder of Tech; Radicati Group).

E-mail is lately rarely sent in the context of personal messages between users (replaced by social media and instant messaging), and more and more often it is a communication tool between the consumer and the company for marketing, information, maintaining relationships, etc.

The data shows that 49.7% of emails are SPAM and to protect users from unwanted messages, server service providers streamline algorithms for filtering unwanted messages all the time. An extremely important issue is the so-called bounce rate (number of emails sent / number of non-existent email addresses) because the common technique used by SPAM dispatchers is the automatic generation of e-mail addresses and sending messages to these addresses. Very often, many of them are not correct and do not exist in reality. By checking the bounce rate, filtering algorithms are able to classify such a sender, sending mass emails as SPAM.

‘Okay but I am not a spammer, so that’s not my problem’

Unfortunately, legitimate businesses like yours are often affected by the mentioned before SPAM algorithms. It is estimated that approximately 13-17% of email addresses in customer databases are out of date, and about 30% are outdated within one year and companies with large customer bases (tens of thousands or several million) can send a legal message (eg newsletter) to email addresses that no longer exist. This causes a serious threat that the company will be classified (incorrectly) as sending SPAM, which may lead to blocking all email correspondence with customers. Minimizing the number of so-called Bounce emails is starting to be a serious problem for many companies with online communication channels.

In order to protect against this threat, companies must use systems to check if the email address is correct before sending the message. And here we come to the rescue with our product – Bouncer!

We are Bouncer and we are AWESOME <3!

Bouncer is a company that provides the most intelligent email verification solution in the form of Backend as a Service (BaaS).

Our aim is to secure your sender’s reputation by sanitizing your email addresses’ database, ensure continuity of the communication with your customers and partners by catching not-existing email addresses in the moment of their entry. And also to maximize reach to your customers and partners by segregating low-quality email addresses from those of a high value.

How do we do it? Well… we have Winston!

Our top man – Winston!

Winston is your guardian angel, your shepherd, your BOUNCER. Like a real bouncer makes sure that no dodgy people will get into the club, Winston will make sure that not a single undeliverable email address will sneak into your email list. He will put on a side all unknown and risky emails and will invite all your deliverable email addresses to your perfectly clean email list. Winston will also make sure that your sender reputation is saved and all your messages will get to your customer INBOX instead of the SPAM folder. He detests hard bounces, so will also make sure that your bounce rate is lower than ever. Let Winston protect your business!