Hi! I had a few requests from you guys to gather some more info about Winston, as he is your favorite. So I thought that best way to get some interesting bits would be from the source directly 🙂 Here it is, our first interview with Winston!


IH: Thanks for your time Winston, glad you’ve managed to find a slot during your busy schedule!

W: Well, while I am talking with you, I am still working… I never stop, 24/7 protecting peoples businesses from invalid or nasty emails. It ain’t a piece of cake, love. Btw, I am pretty convinced that no one pays me for my over hours!

IH: Okay, let’s change the subject! Winston, what is your story?

W: I am a gorilla, fighting with your human issues. I was created by my maker Radek and his friend Piotr, and from what I remember they had one glass of whiskey too much that evening. I think I came to this world around December 2017 and worked pretty hard to get to the point that I am in today. As you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed a bit since my beta period.

IH: Well, you are much more handsome and sophisticated now, what happened?

W: Thanks, I know! My maker says that I have developed a lot, and since December I was getting wiser and smarter, so I’ve matured in my look also. Love my new look, and think that I look very smart/sexy now.

IH: So what exactly do you do at Bouncer?

W: Everything….almost! Well, I am written within the software’s code, taking out all the bad emails of your lists, and letting in the good ones. Not an easy job, but brings me a lot of satisfaction!

IH: Who is your favorite in Bouncer’s team?

W: Haha! Cheeky question Izabela! There is only one person, that makes me happy, every day – Mr.Sandwich!

IH: Who? The guy that brings sandwiches to the office? But he doesn’t work at Bouncer!

W: He doesn’t? He comes to our office every morning! Anyway, whoever brings food is a winner for me!

IH: Okay, so who is your less favorite?

W: No one really, you’re all like a family to me! A very weird family, but still. Although, if I think about it for a second, My Maker sometimes scares me… He’s got the weirdest ideas! He knows I am a 100% gorilla, but he insists he will make a Zebra out of me! If any Animal Cruelty Officer is reading this…h.e.l.p.m.e.!

IH: Oh Winston, I am sure you would make an amazing Zebra! What are your plans for the future?

W: First of all, I want to grow, and make sure that we do a great job for our customers. There is plenty of things on our road map, and our team brings new awesome ideas all the time. For myself, I want to either become the Instagram model or certified whiskey tester.

IH: It is Bouncer’s birthday this month, how do you plan to celebrate?

W: Probably won’t surprise you, but PARTY HARD! Drink, eat, sleep, repeat, and verify non-stop!

IH: Is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

W: Two things really! First: verify your lists, really take care of your sender reputation – you must understand that this is crucial for well being of your business. Second: if you can, help saving Gorillas, and check the WWF website for instructions on how to do it!

IH: Thank you, Winston, it was awesome getting to know you a little bit more!

W: No worries, I always have fun when I talk about myself! 🙂