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What is NoBounce list cleaner?

NoBounce is an application for optimizing the efficiency of email marketing campaigns. It cleans your entire email list and validates the emails – by deleting outdated emails, mistyped addresses, catch-all addresses and everything else that is not a valid email address.

By doing so, it protects the email sender’s reputation – they say they’ll make your email list clean and free of low-quality emails. 

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But is it really the case? Check out its strong suits, then.

NoBounce: best features and advantages 

Custom filter lists 

The software offers the ability to create custom filter lists and includes embedded dictionaries for role-based emails, emails with profanity, and government emails, all with custom tolerance levels. It filters known spam traps and honey pots.

Data security and preservation 

While cleaning and validating email lists, NoBounce ensures that the original spreadsheet data is maintained, giving users the added advantage of not losing their previous data while filtering out undesired emails. 



NoBounce: Shortcomings

OS limitations 

The application is compatible only with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11+, and server versions 2008 and higher. This limits its use for those on other operating systems.

Inexperienced users may find the tool complex to use

Users who aren’t familiar with email list cleaning may find all the options overwhelming at the beginning. Also, the UI seems to be outdated.

No immediate access post-payment 

After payment, the software delivery can take up to 12 hours, which might not be ideal for those looking for immediate access and cleaning of their lists.

NoBounce: wrapped up

The tool promises: 

  • multi-threaded application architecture 
  • no frozen windows with real-time fast results
  • many unique configurable utilities 
  • drag-and-drop interface
  • detailed reporting showing email-level status reporting in CSV format
  • custom wildcard support for sentences, words and characters
  • customized output options to maintain original file extensions

On top of that, they claim to keep users’ accounts and SMTP servers whitelisted. 

However, there are no reviews on NoBounce on popular websites like G2 or Capterra. Also, there is no point in looking for information about its accuracy, speed, and other performance details – they don’t provide such technical specifications.

Nobody wants to invest the money in something that hasn’t been tested, and there’s no free trial either. 

So, choose a tool that is reliable and trusted by many people.

Boost the success of your email marketing campaigns with Bouncer

Bouncer is an email list validation service, perfect for companies of all sizes. 


This application features tools for email verification, many integrations, deliverability kot, toxicity check, and deliverability kit.

This tool is transparent! Look at the details: 

  • Speed: more than 200,000 emails every hour per client
  • Accuracy: unbeaten 99%+ accuracy rate
  • Price: $8/1,000 emails
  • Reliability: zero downtime policy 
  • Security: SOC2 ready

And also:

  • Credits never expire
  • Free testing before buying
  • No OS limitations – anyone with an access to a web browser can use it
  • Ability to verify email addresses hosted by different email service providers

💡Bouncer helps reduce email bounce rates. Not sure what they are? Read more on what is a bounced email and how to prevent it.

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Choose the better option for email list cleaning

Accurate email list validation & cleaning maximizes the success of your email marketing campaigns, building up your email sender reputation. So, opt for a tool that will give you that.

Choose Bouncer and see how the power of email cleaning maximizes the efficiency of your email campaigns. 

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