25 Best Subject Lines For Cold Email (That Really Work)

Apr 24, 2023

Do you send dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of emails to prospects and don’t want any of them to end up in the spam folder?

It sounds like you need to get inspired with our best subject lines for cold email marketing.

Best subject lines for cold email

An effective cold email is capable of generating interest and attracting new customers, and the right title of the message is the first element that determines its success. So, stay with us for this blog post and learn about amazing subject line examples for your cold email strategy.

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Cold Email: Why is It Important?

In short: a cold email is a crucial tool in many e-mail marketing strategies.

Cold emailing is a form of direct marketing where emails are sent to potential customers who have not requested the information. It’s a way of reaching out to those who may be interested in a product or service in order to generate leads.

Let’s consider the matter in more detail.

This type of email gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to a large number of potential customers in one go.

One common pain point in business is finding new customers, and cold emails are a great way to do so. Especially because email is preferred by 80% of people for cold contact.

By appearing in a prospect’s inbox, such email content can create curiosity and urgency – for example, if you include a personal note in the email body that demonstrates knowledge about the prospect. This can pique the prospect’s interest, leading to higher open rates and response rates.

Cold email can also help a company with developing a relationship.

If you create a sense of connection with the recipient, a well-crafted cold email can elicit an emotional response and leave a lasting impression. 🤝

In addition, when the prospect receives a well-written cold email, they are more likely to remember the company’s name and consider it for a purchase in the future.

Even if they are not interested in the product or service now, they may save the email content or recommend the company to others, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Moreover, a cold email campaign is often more cost-effective than other forms of marketing, such as paid ads. It allows businesses to contact potential customers directly without the need for expensive advertising or time-consuming networking events.

So yes, each cold email is much more than important.

Next, by following up and demonstrating business value, companies can establish relationships and generate loyal fans with cold emailing.

Elements of Cold Email

When creating a cold email, it’s crucial to make sure that the email is relevant to the recipient. It should contain useful information and be sent to recipients who are likely to be interested in the product or service.

Here are some elements you should always include in your cold email message.

#1 Cold Email Subject Line

That first subject line makes a difference. It’s the first thing the recipient will see. Therefore, bet on a catchy subject line that grabs their attention and entices them to open the email.

There are different types of cold email subject lines, and we will present some of the best subject lines for cold email in this article.

#2 Greeting

After the email subject line, a recipient will see a greeting. A personalized greeting that uses the recipient’s name helps to create a sense of connection and can make the email more engaging. They may seem trivial, but they matter for your cold sales emails.

#3 Introduction

The opening sentence should be attention-grabbing and set the tone for the rest of the email. An informative subject line won’t get the whole thing done, so the introduction also needs to be catchy. Most of your sales email list will determine whether your cold sales emails are worth reading based on the introduction.

#4 Email body

The content should be concise and well-written. It should clearly articulate the value proposition of the offered product or service, as well as be related to the email subject line.

It also ought to focus on the benefits to the recipient and not just the features of the product or service.

#5 Call-to-action

The email should include a clear and specific call-to-action that prompts the recipient to take the desired next step, whether it’s scheduling a call, signing up for a demo, or making a purchase.

#6 Closing

A polite and professional closing that thanks the recipient for their time and reiterates the call-to-action can help to leave a positive impression.

A closing is as important as an introduction, and catchy subject lines, so prepare it in the right way. It’s especially important if you’re sending out an email sequence to the same email address that you will build on in the future.

#7 Signature

A professional signature that includes the sender’s name, title, and contact information can help to establish credibility and make it easy for the recipient to send an email follow up.

When including these elements in a cold email, businesses should be able to establish a foundation for a fruitful relationship with the prospect.

However, it all starts with short subject lines that get attention and can successfully attract new customers. 🎯

So it’s time to learn more about them.

What is a Subject Line?

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what subject lines are and what their importance is in cold emails.

Subject lines are the short phrases or sentences that appear at the top of an email and give the recipient a brief idea of what the email is about. They are one of the most critical elements of an email, as they can determine whether the email will be opened or ignored.

Subject lines matter because they can make or break the success of an email campaign.

You can create an amazing cold email strategy with different and good subject lines. For example, you can bet on:

  • short subject lines,
  • long subject lines,
  • catchy subject lines,
  • creative subject lines,
  • personalized subject lines,
  • etc.

A great subject line works by addressing the recipient’s needs or interests, whether that’s saving time, making money, or solving a problem.

Including a sense of urgency, such as a limited-time offer or a deadline, can also be highly effective in motivating the recipient to take action. That’s what the best subject lines for cold email include!

You can try using subject lines from cold email templates, but to increase your chances of success and bypassing the spam filters, personalize them as much as possible.

Types of Subject Lines

Let’s start with the short subject line. It should be no longer than 50 characters. It’s often the best subject line, as it:

  • is attention-grabbing,
  • captures the recipient’s interest,
  • fits on the display of most mobile devices,
  • and is easy to read.

This effective subject line is also concise and to the point. Long cold email subject lines should be avoided as they may get cut off on mobile devices and appear spammy.

You can take advantage of a catchy subject line that usually arouses the recipient’s curiosity and creates a sense of urgency, or use creative subject lines that stand out from the crowd. However, they should not be so obscure that the recipient has no idea what the email is about.

On the other hand, we also have a personalized subject line. It can be highly engaging and improve open email rates by making the email feel more relevant.

All these subject lines play a crucial role in email success. 💪

Of course, there are many more types of subject lines, like sales email subject lines or promotional ones. Using different subject lines for different types of cold emails can help you improve your whole email marketing campaign.

The 20 Best Subject Lines for Cold Emails

Best Subject Lines for Cold Email Examples

#1 Do you need help with [the case]?

Such a subject line plays a big role in arousing interest. You know very well that the person you are addressing is looking for answers to certain questions, and this subject line creates curiosity and implies that the email is personalized to the recipient’s needs.

Providing real value and demonstrating how the sender can help the recipient with their specific case is key to building trust.

#2 Get your problem solved with the breeze 💨

This example of the subject line does not ask but immediately shows that an email has a solution to the potentate’s problem. However, it does not reveal what the problem is about, so here it raises curiosity.

And then there’s the appropriate emoji, which adds to the attraction.

#3 Your [relevant industry problem] solution is here

This subject line reveals all the cards. It creates a sense of urgency and implies that the email contains a solution to a problem the recipient is facing.

And if you accurately identify the problem the recipient is facing, you can hit the mark.

#4 How [prospect’s competitor] is boosting their sales

This subject line builds curiosity and implies that the email contains valuable industry insights that could benefit the recipient.

And, since everyone wants to be better than the competition and grow their business, they’ll be happy to click on your cold email.

#5 I was recommended to contact you by [your mutual contact]

We know that the power of referrals is unmatched. Therefore, in this subject line, you should include the name of an acquaintance with your prospect.

You will have a much better chance of making your email persuasive the more your prospect trusts your referrer. Especially since it’s estimated that 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends/family.

So it’s worth a try to take advantage of your mutual connection.

#6 An exclusive invitation for [event or webinar name]

Give prestige to your event/webinar with the right words, such as “exclusive.” In the message, add additional details and reminders to maximize attendance. This can include sending a calendar invitation or reminder email closer to the event date, as well as sharing relevant information or resources leading up to the event.

Also, follow-up emails should maintain the sense of exclusivity created by the initial invitation and provide clear information on how to register or attend the event.

#7 Let’s discuss your [prospect’s pain points]

By addressing the recipient’s specific problem, the sender is demonstrating that they have done their research and understand the recipient’s challenges.

To make this subject line even more effective, the email body should provide more details about how the sender can help the recipient address their pain point.

This can include sharing:

  • case studies,
  • testimonials,
  • or other examples of how the sender has helped similar clients in the past.

#8 A better way to [specific task or process]

The task or process mentioned in the subject line should be relevant to the recipient’s business or industry. Then, the subject line will create curiosity and imply that the email contains innovative insights that could benefit the recipient’s workflow.

By positioning the email as a source of improvement or optimization, the sender is offering a valuable solution to a problem that the recipient may not have even realized they had.

#9 I can help you achieve [specific goal or objective]

This subject line is outcome-focused and implies that the email contains valuable resources that could finally help the recipient achieve their goals.

This cold email subject line will be especially useful for those prospects who don’t know how to reach their target, are just starting out in business and don’t have the right experience, or are simply looking for help to hit the target.

#10 Join the leaders such as [company or client names]

This subject line leverages the power of social proof like a post from a social media influencer does to demonstrate the sender’s credibility and value proposition. By mentioning a list of impressive clients or industry leaders, the sender is implying that they are a trusted and respected player in the industry.

This can pique the recipient’s curiosity and interest, as they may want to learn more about the sender and their services.

#11 Discover the secret to [the task] with [your product]

Such cold email subject lines suggest that customers can find a new way of completing something with the use of your product. It’s effective because it builds curiosity and implies that the email contains valuable insights or tips that the recipient may not have considered before.

It also emphasizes the uniqueness and exclusivity of the solution offered by the product.

#12 Make [the task] more enjoyable

This subject line shows that customers can find a more simple, more satisfying, and more enjoyable way of getting their job done. This will be a particularly interesting email title for inexperienced recipients or those that aren’t tech-savvy.

This kind of sales email subject line may imply that the recipient can enjoy doing something they previously disliked, which can create a positive association with the product.

#13 Let us do the heavy lifting

This one emphasizes the convenience of using your product to get the job done. It highlights the convenience and time-saving benefits of using the product. It also suggests that the recipient can offload an onerous task to the product, which can make life easier.

It can especially catch the attention of potential customers who have a lot on their minds and are looking for solutions that will speed up their activities and task completion.

#14 Eliminate frustration with our best practices

If you want to suggest that customers can find relief from the hassle of doing something with your product, take advantage of this good subject line. It addresses a common pain point and tells that the email contains a valuable practice or a strategy that will help the recipient overcome the problem.

In addition, it hints that the product has a proven track record of solving the problem, which can create trust and credibility.

#15 X tips that can help you get rid of [the problem]

This subject line is also effective, as it shows that the email contains many practical and actionable pieces of advice that can help delete a specific problem or challenge. It emphasizes that there is more than one solution in the body of the message.

It also insinuates that the tips are easily digestible, which may encourage the recipient to open the email and read further.

#16 Unlock your team’s potential with [your solution]

If your aim is to help the recipient achieve their goals and improve their team’s productivity, here’s a subject line you can use. This shows that customers can increase their productivity with your product/solution.

It also emphasizes the positive outcome of using the product, which can create excitement and anticipation.

#17 Your work can be easier than ever

With this example, you can focus the viewer’s attention more on the completed task than on the features you have to offer. So you are speaking the language of benefits rather than features here. This subject line, simply but efficiently, shows that customers can save energy with your product.

This can create a sense of convenience and efficiency. 🤜🤛

#18 A new way of doing business with [the company name]

This is an effective subject line as it immediately introduces the company and hints at the potential for a great new experience. It offers unique solutions or services that can bring a fresh perspective to the recipient’s business operations, as well as indicates that the company is innovative and forward-thinking, which can generate interest.

In the body of the email, the sender can elaborate on the specific benefits of their product or service that sets them apart from competitors.

#19 Say goodbye to [the task] with [your product]

This subject line suggests that customers can find relief from the difficulty of doing something with your product. It’s a great way to pique the interest of the recipient by hinting at the possibility of finding an easier way to accomplish a difficult task.

The email can then go on to explain how the sender’s product or service can help the recipient overcome the challenges associated with the task.

This subject line is particularly effective for companies that offer products or services that simplify complex tasks or help customers save time and effort.

#20 Ready for changes? [new product]

Such a question can be contained in the subject line to get the interest of customers who knows a company. By addressing the customer’s desire for growth and improvement, the sender can build curiosity and a sense of urgency around their brand-new products.

This kind of best cold email subject line works particularly well for businesses that plan to introduce cutting-edge products or services, and it allows them to inform their future customers. 💃

#21 X features that will change your performance

By mentioning a number of features, the subject line creates curiosity and interest in the email’s content. The word “change” implies that the features are innovative and can lead to significant improvement.

Therefore, if you want to emphasize the improvement of the prospect’s performance, go for this subject line that appeals to the recipient’s desire for growth and success.

#22 An Excellent Idea for [the problem]

This subject line example quickly goes to the point and presents an idea to solve the problem. The word “excellent” connotes quality and reliability, which can build trust and credibility with the recipient.

It also implies that the solution is creative and original, which can really boost interest.

#23 A simple tool for your needs

This subject line is effective because it uses contrasting words to create interest and curiosity. It highlights that the tool is easy to use and straightforward, while it can handle complex problems.

It also conveys practicality and usefulness and implies personalization.

#24 This e-mail will change your work/problem

If you want to provide your potential customers with significant change, you will like this subject line. This suggests valuable information or insights that may lead to a familiarity the customer has not yet experienced.

So if you know of an audience that wants to make big changes in your business, go more into this type of subject line.

#25 We have one common problem…

This subject line creates a sense of relatability, showing that the sender and recipient have a common challenge. This is an effective way to get the recipient’s attention. It shows that more people are facing a problem and that there is a way to solve it.

The sender can share their experience and offer a solution or helpful advice to solve the problem, which can lead to a positive response and potentially a new business relationship.

Tips for Writing Best Subject Lines for Cold Email

When crafting a perfect subject line, you have to take a lot of things into account. That’s why have a couple of tips for you to consider when writing cold email subject lines.

📢 Tone

The tone of the subject line should align with the overall tone of the email and the brand’s voice. It should also be appropriate for the audience and the purpose of the email.

A more casual tone may be appropriate for a promotional email to a younger audience, and a more professional tone may be necessary for a business email to a more enterprise audience.

💨 Urgency

Urgency can also be an effective tool in subject lines to encourage the recipient to open the email and take action.

This can include time-sensitive promotions, limited-time offers, or upcoming deadlines.

💡 Clarity

Clarity is crucial in making sure the recipient understands what the email is about and what action is required.

The subject line should accurately reflect the content of the email and clearly communicate the purpose of the email.

Do not go for clickbait lines that have little to do with the actual content of the email.

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Take your Cold Emails to the Next Level

Cold emailing is an effective way for businesses to reach out to potential customers. It can help with lead generation and brand awareness, and is often more cost-effective than other forms of marketing.

When done correctly, cold emails can be an effective way to reach out to the right people and increase sales.

Best Subject Lines for Cold Email: Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What is a cold email subject line?

A cold email subject line is the opening line of an email message that is sent to someone with whom the sender has no prior relationship. The purpose of a cold email subject line is to grab the recipient’s attention and persuade them to open the email and read the message.

#2 What makes a good cold email subject line?

A good cold email subject line should be attention-grabbing, relevant, and personalized. It should address the recipient’s needs or interests and create a sense of urgency or exclusivity. It’s crucial to keep it short, preferably no more than 50 characters, so it’s readable on a tablet or smartphone.

#3 What are examples of the best subject lines for cold emails?

Crafting a compelling subject line is one of the most important aspects of sending a cold email. You can, for example, write “X tips that can help you get rid of [the problem],” “A simple tool for your extraordinary needs,” or “An exclusive invitation for [event or webinar name].”

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