What is Verimail?

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Verimail is a tool that helps make sure email addresses are good to use.
It checks emails to see if they can get messages without problems. This tool helps in many ways. It fixes mistakes in email addresses and finds ones that don’t work. 

It can also spot email addresses that people only use once and then throw away. Verimail can check many emails at once or check them one by one as needed.

It’s easy to use. You can either upload a list of emails and get them checked or use Verimail’s special link (they call this an API) to check emails in real-time. This means you can make sure an email is okay to use right when someone gives it to you.

Using Verimail helps send emails to the right places. This is important because sending emails to bad addresses can make it harder for your good emails to get through. Verimail helps avoid this problem, so your emails reach their destination. Thanks to that, you save money, protect your email’s good name, and get more responses from your emails.

Top Verimail features – remove risky addresses & more

Verimail’s top features include:

Removing risky addresses

Verimail checks your mailing list to find emails that might cause problems. It looks for undeliverable and risky addresses. This helps make sure you only send emails to good addresses.

Correcting common typos

Everyone makes mistakes when typing. Verimail fixes these small errors for free. It turns mistakes like “gmal.com” into “gmail.com.” This means more of your emails go to the right place.

Email address verification

Verimail confirms if email addresses are real and can receive messages. This process is called email verification. It’s a big help in making sure your emails reach people.

Disposable addresses

Some email addresses are for one-time use. Verimail spots these disposable addresses. You don’t want these on your list because they won’t be useful later.

Verified addresses

After checking, Verimail gives you a list of verified addresses. These are the good ones that passed all the tests. You can trust these emails for your campaigns.

Bulk verification tool

Verimail can check a lot of emails at once. This is great for big mailing lists. It saves time and effort, especially before big email marketing campaigns.

SMTP verification

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Verimail uses this to check if an email works. It’s like double-checking your list is good to go.

Remove invalid domains

Sometimes an email has a domain that doesn’t exist. Verimail finds these invalid domains. This keeps your list clean and more effective.

Free remove duplicates

Sending the same email to one person many times by mistake can annoy them. Verimail removes duplicates for free. This keeps your list tidy and your audience happy.

Syntax errors

A syntax error in an email address is like a spelling mistake. Verimail finds and fixes these for you. This means fewer bounced emails.

Verimail accuracy and speed of verification

There is no information available on speed and accuracy, so you might have to give the tool a try to find it out.

Verimail pricing

Verimail pricing

Verimail offers different plans for checking email addresses. They have options for any company size.

Let’s break it down:

Free plan

  • Cost: $0 per month
  • You get 100 verifications each month.
  • Support: email only.

Starter plan

  • Cost: $15 per month
  • You get 10,000 verifications each month.
  • Support: live chat and email.

Professional plan

  • Cost: $79 per month
  • You get 100,000 verifications each month.
  • Support: live chat and email.

Enterprise plan

  • Cost: $299 per month
  • You get 1 million verifications each month.
  • Support: phone, live chat, and email.

Pay as you go

  • No monthly fee. You buy credits that never expire.
  • It’s okay if you don’t need to check emails every month.
  • Prices vary by how many verifications you buy, from 1,000 to 5 million.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Verimail's pricing - comparisons of plans in the table 
Choosing the right plan depends on how many emails you need to check. If you check emails often, a monthly plan saves money. If you only need to check emails sometimes, Pay As You Go credits are better since they don’t expire.

Payment methods include most credit cards and offline options like checks and bank transfers.

If you hit your monthly limit, Verimail will let you know with a special code (402). You can buy more credits to keep going.

What do user reviews say?

There aren’t many reviews out there about Verimail. But, the few that exist offer a mix of opinions.

Here’s a simple summary of what users say:

Good points:

  • Lower costs and clean email lists: users state that Verimail helps them save money and keep their email lists clean. This means more emails reach the right people.
  • Easy to use: people find Verimail simple. It gives quick feedback and has a clear dashboard.
  • Automated checking: the process of checking if emails are real and can reach someone is automatic. This saves a lot of time.

Points to improve:

the review of Verimail 

  • Compatibility issues: some users mention problems when trying to use Verimail with their security systems, the tools clash sometimes.
  • Limited file types: Verimail only accepts CSV files. This can be limiting and might not work for everyone in the long run.
  • User interface (UI): a few think the UI could be better. Adding some AI features might also help.

Verimail alternative – Bouncer

Bouncer - an alternative to Verimail

Are you looking for something better than Verimail?

Meet Bouncer, a friendly and powerful email verification service that’s easy to use and trusted by companies worldwide.

Bouncer offers several cool features. It checks email addresses to make sure they’re real and can receive your emails. This service helps you avoid sending messages to fake or error-filled emails, so it protects your sender reputation and reduces bounce rates. Plus, Bouncer can spot typos in email addresses, so you can avoid losing valuable contacts.

With Bouncer, you get:

  • Easy-to-use tools for email list cleaning, with a simple technical setup.
  • Fast and accurate email verification, both in real-time and in bulk.
  • A way to find out if your emails might end up in spam or not even get delivered.
  • Extra security checks to keep risky emails off your list.

Bouncer is great for any company size and offers 100 free email verification credits to start. This means you can try it out without spending a dime. We even promise premium support for everyone, so you get help whenever you need it.

In simple terms, Bouncer is a helpful solution that makes your emails go to the right people. Start with Bouncer, and make email verification easy and effective.

Verify email addresses now

As you can see, Verimail is good but it’s not the best tool out there.

If you value solid, reliable solutions, consider giving Bouncer a try.

Other than that, thanks for your attention, and may your email marketing efforts shine.

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