We are super proud to announce that Woodpecker has chosen Bouncer as the email verification service for their customers, and they are now fully integrated with our API

Woodpecker helps B2B companies directly contact prospective clients by automated sending of personalized sales emails and follow-ups. Woodpecker takes over the daunting, repetitive part of the follow-up process and allows its customers to invest their time in building human-to-human business relations.

Woodpecker has recently integrated its platform with email verification tool to help their users decrease bounce rate, boost deliverability and protect the sender’s reputation. They also decided to provide email verification for all their customers – this truly shows how they care about their customers. We love to support companies with great values, passion, and care… especially care for their customers! That is why we are humbly honoured they picked Bouncer for their integration.

CEO of  Woodpecker, Matt Tarczynski explains how this update will affect their clients and why they choose Bouncer:

   “Thank to this integration our customers can sent their cold email campaign, without worry about their bounce rates and sender reputation. It was crucial for us to provide this value to all of our users.  We’re happy that we’ve chosen Bouncer as our email verification software. The Integration with their API was super easy, and the support they provide is just spot on. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers about syncing Woodpecker with Bouncer! ”

Soon we will also implement integration with Woodpecker on our side, so users could verify their list before even uploading it to Woodpecker’s platform. Watch this space 🙂