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Briteverify Reviews: Pricing, Plans and Features

Aug 19, 2023

If you want to ensure that your email campaigns are delivered right to your customers’ inboxes rather than land in their spam folders or not get delivered at all, cleaning your email list regularly is a must. 

Briteverify Reviews featured picture

But doing this manually, especially when you have hundreds of thousands of addresses on the list? You probably don’t exactly have time or energy for it.

In this blog post, we’ll look at Briteverify, a tool that does just that – verify emails. We’ll cover everything from its core features to pricing plans to help you figure out if it’s the right tool for you. We’ll also look at some Briteverify reviews to see how other users rate the service.


Briteverify at a Glance

Briteverify is an email list cleaning service founded in 2009 and then acquired by Validity in 2018. Now their service is used by such large brands as Shutterstock, TripActions, and J.D. Power.


How does the service work? 

  1. It runs a formatting and syntax check of the email addresses to spot and highlight all invalid emails in your email lists.
  2. It checks the domain’s MX record to verify that the address is active.
  3. It reaches the mailbox providers to confirm the email address exists on the email server. 

After verifying the addresses on the list, Briteverify will either say they are safe to send or highlight them as potentially risky emails. 

For example, if the email address comes from a disposable addresses provider, then those will be marked as invalid email addresses, with a secondary status being “Disposable address.” 

Briteverify Features

Now let’s look at some of the features you can find inside Briteverify. 

Bulk email verification

Briteverify’s bulk verification email service can verify up to 1 million addresses in a single fileTo upload the list to the platform, you can use regular .txt or CSV files, but you can also import the addresses directly from the platform you connected to Briteverify, e.g. Mailchimp. 

Real-time verification

Besides validating the addresses in bulk, you can also use their real-time email validation API to examine all email addresses typed into your web, mobile or PoS forms. 

That way you can, for example, verify the addresses users add while creating their accounts – and immediately ask them to correct their data.

real-time verification


Multi-user accounts

You can add as many users as you want to one account. This might come in handy if your business regularly needs to clean lists of email addresses coming from several sources or departments. 

Very important: Briteverify service can’t find and remove duplicate email addresses from the bulk list. So to avoid having to pay extra for the same addresses, you need to clean your lists out of those addresses yourself. 

Briteverify might also not recognize email addresses that have stray quotation marks or extra spaces in the address. It will either mark them as unknown or add them to the incorrect email addresses list – so you might need to double-check your list after the cleaning.  

Briteverify accuracy

On their website, Validity claims that their service can verify 98% of emails, including those coming from role accounts or disposable addresses. 

Service comparisons run by third-party companies give Briteverify a bit lower results though. In ListCleaningAdvice July 2023 ranking, Briteverify is ranked at #14, with an 83% accuracy rate.

Briteverify accuracy


Briteverify service also doesn’t have toxicity filters or deliverability tools included. Those are offered in Validity’s second solution for email marketing, Everest,  so for the best cleaning results, it might be necessary to use both services together – and that, unfortunately, means double the cost. 

Briteverify speed

ListCleaningAdvice ranking also evaluated Briteverify’s speed and ranked it the second fastest email verification service out of the platforms they checked. 

And while their results are slightly worse than those you can see on Briteverify’s page (where they claim their service can verify 4,000 email addresses per minute), 25 minutes for lists with over 10,000 contacts might still seem pretty impressive.

Briteverify speed


Again though, a few things make Briteverify’s speed a bit less outstanding. 

The lists need to be pre-cleaned first

The first problem is that Briteverify can’t find and remove duplicate email addresses from the lists. 

That means that if let’s say, you have 1,000 duplicated email contacts on your 10k contact list, the service will treat them as any other email address – and charge you for those as well. 

So before you can import your contact list to the platform, you or your email marketers will need to spend time finding and removing those addresses yourself. 

No toxicity filter

The Briteverify verification process is quite simple, as it will only check the syntax and format of the emails, plus whether the email exists on the given domain. 

That makes the cleaning process very fast but often also inaccurate at times. And so, a valid email address might land in the “Unknown” section, for example.

The service also won’t examine the addresses on the list for toxicity (for example, whether the addresses were turned into spam traps) – this feature is only available in the Everest email deliverability solution.

Briteverify pricing 

Briteverify has two pricing methods on its website: 

  • Flexible pay-as-you-go plan for users who want to clean their lists once in a while
  • Subscription plans for companies who need to verify and clean their lists regularly 

 We covered both plans in another article for your reading pleasure.

What you should keep in mind is that as a standalone tool, Briteverify is unfortunately very limited. It can help you clean your email lists, but that’s sadly it. 

For performance and bounce rate metrics, sender reputation monitoring, or delivery issues notifications, you will need to subscribe to Validity’s second platform, Everest

Their subscription pricing plans aren’t unfortunately the cheapest:

  • Everest Elements plan costs from $20 a month for 5k emails to $215 a month for 50k emails
  • Elemental Plus costs from $525 a month for 20k emails to $900 a month for 100k emails.

Briteverify feature comparison

There’s also a professional and enterprise plan available, but for those, you need to contact the sales team directly.

Briteverify reviews – the good and bad

The last thing we’ll look at is Briteverify reviews from G2 and Capterra to see what Briteverify users think about the service. For the pros, many users praise how simple and intuitive the service is to install and use. 


Briteverify Reviews


Briteverify’s customer support is also praised for being responsive and helpful.

Briteverify Reviews


There are unfortunately a couple of other issues that users have with the platform, with the biggest one being accuracy.

Briteverify Reviews


Briteverify Reviews


Bouncer as a more robust alternative to Briteverify

Briteverify email verification service is indeed quite expensive, especially since it might charge for duplicate addresses on the email list. Add to this the pricing for their deliverability toolkit though and the end price might really be quite staggering.

For example, for cleaning a 100,000 addresses list, you would have to pay $600 just for the credits. Add to it the Everest Plus plan for 20k emails a month, which would be an additional $525 a month. Overall, that would be $1125 a month.

What if you could have both an email verification and deliverability tool for a much lower price? 

With Bouncer validating 100,000 addresses costs $300 – that’s half of what Briteverify asks for. As for the deliverability tools meanwhile, you can get them for $25 a month – with placement tests, blacklist checker, and SpamAssassin test included!

And in case you want to try out Bouncer first before subscribing – you can test out 5 addresses (100 if you sign up) entirely for free. 

Bouncer CTA

Start verifying your emails today

If you are looking for a simple email verification service to use, Briteverify might be a good choice. But do you have time to clean your list out of duplicate addresses or the budget to pay both for email verification and deliverability tools? If the answer to either of those two questions is “Not really,” then Bouncer might be a better choice. 

Try out Bouncer to see that you can verify emails more accurately, quickly and at a lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BriteVerify?

BriteVerify is a simple email verification solution through which users can quickly verify their list of email addresses and find out which contacts should be removed. 

That way, you can be sure that your email list is accurate and that your newest campaign won’t be sent to bad email addresses, such as fake or disposable accounts.

Can BriteVerify help with cleaning up my email list?

BriteVerify’s bulk email cleaning service can make it easier for you to identify and remove invalid or disposable email addresses on your lists. 

However, it can’t recognize spam traps, breached emails, or any other toxic addresses on your list. So if you want to make sure your list is clean of those too, it might be a better option to use tools with a Toxicity check feature, such as Bouncer.



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