How to Improve Klaviyo Deliverability?

Jan 26, 2024

Are you using Klaviyo to reach your audience with email marketing, but something is wrong with your email deliverability?

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Be careful because if this is the case, you could harm your sender reputation, make your emails land in spam folders, increase your unsubscribe rate and hurt your overall email marketing efforts.

You need to improve Klaviyo deliverability and get rid of the threat as soon as possible, but how?

Let’s find out.

What is Klaviyo?

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Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform designed primarily for email and SMS marketing. It’s a powerful tool for businesses looking to engage with customers more effectively using data-driven strategies.

This platform offers a variety of products to enhance marketing efforts, including:

Email – this product helps create and manage email campaigns, newsletters, and automated email sequences.

SMS – the SMS marketing feature helps companies reach their customers directly on their mobile devices. It’s used for sending personalized text messages, promotional offers, and alerts.

Mobile Push – the mobile push feature enables businesses to send timely notifications directly to their customers’ locked screens.

Reviews – this product focuses on collecting and showcasing customer opinions. It helps build trust and credibility by highlighting positive customer experiences and feedback.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) – Klaviyo’s CDP consolidates data from various sources and allows to unify, transform, and activate customer data. It helps create a comprehensive view of each customer.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Features

What about email marketing features? Klaviyo has some interesting options it can offer in this area. These include:

Deliverability optimization

The platform includes features like guided warming, and sunset flows that are designed to increase email deliverability. It helps emails land in the inbox rather than being marked as spam.

AI and analytics

Klaviyo integrates AI for various purposes, like generating subject lines, conducting A/B testing, and reporting. 

This can simplify the process of optimizing email campaigns. The platform also offers a recommendation engine and predictive analytics for segmenting and personalizing emails.

Customizable templates

There is a range of mobile-optimized templates, both for beginners and experienced users. The templates are designed for easy customization. They include features like show/hide logic and custom HTML/CSS.

Campaign management

Klaviyo facilitates the creation of targeted campaigns. It includes options for optimizing send times and preventing over-communication. It offers campaign-specific options, learns the best time to deliver emails, and prevents over-communication.

Automated flows

The platform offers numerous built-in flows for various purposes, like cart reminders or post-purchase follow-ups. They can potentially save time and effort in setting up email sequences.

Improving Klaviyo Deliverability

Now, let’s go over some ways to improve email deliverability for Klaviyo. Take a look at what you can do:

💡 Warm up your email lists before sending cold emails

First, you can warm up your email list and prepare your email campaigns for better performance.

If you want to warm up your lists, gradually increase the number of emails you send once you create a new email account. It’s better to make this process slow because then it will have a positive impact on deliverability and will establish your credibility with email service providers.

This move also allows you to fine-tune your messaging based on early feedback. Engaging with a smaller audience initially helps identify which subject lines, content, and call-to-actions resonate best and allows you to optimize future emails for improved performance and deliverability. 

So, start by sending emails to a small, engaged segment of your list and monitor their behavior.

Remember, a gradual warm-up can lead to a sprint in your email performance, so patience is key. On the other hand, sudden spikes in email volume can trigger spam filters.

💡 Use and import cold email lists

Also, think about cold email lists.

Dealing with them is sometimes like navigating a minefield – one wrong step and your deliverability blows up. But by ensuring your list is clean and filled with valid emails, you’re protecting your sender reputation and fixing your overall email performance.

If you want to safely import and use cold lists, take advantage of Bouncer.

Bouncer helps verify the email addresses on your list and reduces the chance of spam complaints and bounces. 

Moreover, using Bouncer can help elevate the overall health of your email lists. It filters out invalid or risky emails, save your emails from ending up in the spam folder, and improves your overall email activities over time.

💡 Send emails only to users who opted in

Another important thing is sending emails only to those who have opted in.

Permission is necessary and beneficial in the realm of email marketing. Obtaining explicit consent:

  • helps build a more engaged and responsive audience,
  • contributes to maintaining a healthy sender reputation,
  • boosts deliverability metrics,
  • guarantees your emails reach individuals who are interested in your content,
  • leads to fewer spam complaints and a stronger relationship with your audience.

This practice may seem so obvious, but not for everyone. Many businesses are tempted by sending messages to all clients, even those who didn’t show their willingness to receive promotional emails. However, it isn’t a smart move.

In contrast, when users opt in, it’s more possible they will engage with your emails. This engagement positively impacts your email efforts and makes email providers route your emails to the inbox.

Plus, it’s just a good manner – you show you’re respecting your audience’s choice, which, in turn, fosters trust and loyalty.

💡 Segment email lists according to different characteristics

Segmenting your email lists is the next essential area you should take care of.

By dividing your list based on characteristics like demographics, purchase history, or engagement level, you can tailor your emails to suit the tastes of different groups. 

As a result, this targeted approach delivers better responses because recipients are pleased to engage with content that is relevant to them.

So, if segmentation is effective, it brings many pros: it allows for adjusted communication, sending relevant content for each group, better user experience, stronger connections, and reduces the risk of spam complaints.

Such a breakdown is like your recipe for email success – the better you choose the ingredients, the more delightful the outcome.

💡 Set up BIMI

Why does BIMI matter for making email deliverability better? Because it allows you to display your brand logo next to your email in the recipient’s inbox, which boosts brand recognition and increases trust.

Setting up Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is like putting a face to your name in the digital inbox.

Setting up BIMI is a smart move that enhances your email’s visual appeal while also bolstering your sender reputation. 

Adding it complements other email authentication measures like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. It’s the final touch in establishing a trusted sender identity, reassuring email service providers and recipients alike that your emails are legitimate and safe.

💡 Allow users to manage their email preferences

Allowing users to manage their email preferences is akin to giving them the steering wheel in your email relationship. It shows that you respect their choices and are committed to providing a personalized experience.

By offering options like frequency of emails, topics of interest, or even the type of content they prefer, you eliminate the chances of your emails being marked as spam. This practice can also enhance recipients’ engagement.

Users are more likely to open and interact with emails they are interested in. Thus, they can boost your open and click rates. That’s why empowering recipients with choice is a win-win for both parties – they get content they enjoy, and you get better email performance.

Further, this approach helps in maintaining a clean and engaged email list. By allowing users to adjust their preferences, you ensure that your messages are reaching those who are truly interested. And thereby – you are improving overall deliverability.

💡 Make it easy to unsubscribe

The last tip is about allowing people to unsubscribe when they want. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a wise move for email deliverability.

It works in a simple way: an easily accessible unsubscribe link helps people leave your community, ensures that you only deal with the audience that is engaged, and decreases spam complaints. 

It’s a respectful way to part ways with users who no longer find your content relevant and keeps your email list healthy and focused on engaged subscribers.

Imagine that users can easily opt out. If they want to do it, nothing will prevent them. And those who stay are sure to interact with your emails. They positively impact your open rates and sender reputation because they decided to stay for a reason.

Plus, it’s a matter of respecting user preferences and complying with email regulations.

Such an easy unsubscribe process is a mark of a transparent and user-friendly brand, which can enhance your reputation in the long run.

So, make the unsubscribe process straightforward, avoid frustration, which can lead to spam complaints, and work only with those who want to interact with you.

How Bouncer can help?

Klaviyo is a really good tool – there’s no doubt about that. With our ideas, you can make your email deliverability better with this system.

However, if you are looking for a user-friendly and robust platform for enhancing email deliverability, there’s another tool worth checking out – Bouncer.

Bouncer's website

This system may be a more suitable choice for strengthening email deliverability for several reasons:

Email list verification can identify if your email list contains any toxic email addresses and ensures that your messages are sent only to valid ones. Thus, it significantly reduces bounce rates.

And a lower bounce rate is beneficial for sender reputation – a critical factor for inbox providers when determining whether an email should land in the inbox or be marked as spam.

Bouncer’s Deliverability Kit offers options and insights you can take to improve email deliverability metrics, such as open rates, engagement rates, or spam complaint rates.

This educational aspect can be invaluable for businesses looking to understand the nuances of deliverability and how to enhance their email marketing strategies.

Bouncer’s Email Verification API also plays a crucial role in validating email addresses and verifying their deliverability. It’s super easy and fast to integrate.

It can streamline your IT solution with the most accurate and efficient email validation and verification features. It is also truly secure.

And there’s also a feature called Toxicity Check, that can protect your sender score, identify widely circulated email addresses, find breached and hacked email addresses, and more.


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Improve Klaviyo Deliverability Performance – Use Bouncer

So, as you can see, Klaviyo can do a lot and offers a lot. Its emphasis on AI and analytics, along with customizable templates and targeted campaign management provides a platform that strives to meet a wide range of needs and meet companies’ email marketing goals.

However, Bouncer may meet your needs better.

Bouncer helps in optimizing the overall performance of email marketing campaigns. Its specific focus on email deliverability makes it a reliable tool for businesses aiming to enhance their email marketing performance and ensure their messages consistently reach recipients.

So, if you want to see the power of this tool for yourself, sign up and start for free.


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