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5 Signs Your Email Campaign Needs Help

Jan 20, 2023

Email remains one of the most effective channels marketers can use to develop strong relationships with their followers. It offers a range of difficult customer engagement opportunities with other digital marketing channels by allowing companies to stay in touch with customers and prospects over a long period.

However, that doesn’t mean that all email marketing campaigns are as strong as they could be. If you’ve been putting effort into email marketing, but your efforts are failing to deliver the desired results, it might be a sign that your campaign needs help. There are some common challenges that business owners and marketers often face when using email campaigns to reach out to customers. The good news is that once you know which common email marketing problems you should be aware of and which ones your business is currently dealing with, it becomes much easier to address them with new strategies for success.

Email Campaigns – Deliverability Problems

If subscribers aren’t getting your emails, no matter how much time and effort you put into crafting the perfect message, subscribers aren’t going to see it, and it will not be able to do anything for your brand. This can happen if you send messages to invalid email addresses; for example, if somebody signed up and misspelt their email address or signed up for your newsletter with a work email address and then left the company, meaning that the address is no longer valid.

Unfortunately, if your company is regularly sending emails to addresses that aren’t valid, this will increase your bounce rate, which might lead to your domain being labelled as spammy by the email service provider. As a result, you will usually find that fewer emails end up being delivered to recipients, even when you have a valid email address and the subscriber wants to hear from you.

The best way to avoid this problem is to verify all subscriber email addresses before you send any content. This step will help you ensure that you have the correct address and that mail can be delivered to it, which makes a big difference.

Best Email Campaigns – Improving Unsubscribe Rates

Another sign that your email marketing campaign could use some help is that you are dealing with a high unsubscribe rate. If your followers are dropping out of your mailing list at an alarming rate, this could be down to several different reasons. Research shows that receiving too many emails from an organisation is one of the top reasons people decide to unsubscribe. Other reasons include getting emails that are not relevant to their interests or emails that are too promotional.

Segmenting your email list into different groups is a smart way to deal with this email marketing issue. When you segment your email list, this prevents you from sending content to your subscribers that is not relevant. When subscribers only receive relevant content from you that they are interested in, it reduces the number of email messages they get and can even improve your open rates.

It may also be worth sending out a survey you ask your subscribers to complete. Find out more about potential reasons why they might want to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Understanding how your followers feel about your email marketing strategies is essential when making improvements and dealing with email marketing problems.

Email Marketing Examples – Problems with Open Rates

No matter how much effort you put into writing the perfect copy for your emails and creating a fantastic design, the email messages will only be valuable if your subscribers read them. And if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails, then this signifies that your email marketing campaign might need some help.

One good way to improve open rates is to simply segment your email lists. Along with this, paying more attention to the email subject lines, and personalising them, can be a very effective way to boost your open rates and deal with this marketing issue. You might want to start by split-testing several subject lines and reviewing past performance to determine if other factors, such as the time of day or week you send your emails, impact the open rate.

Constant monitoring of email marketing performance and testing of new strategies will put you in a better position to determine what can be done to make your email content more appealing and encourage more subscribers to open and read your messages.

Best Marketing Emails – Focus on Conversion Rates

Even if your subscribers are interested and engaged enough with your emails to open them regularly, there might be a problem if they are still not taking any action. A high open rate with a low conversion rate means that your email marketing strategies could use some help. There are a few things that you can do to address this issue, including split-testing various calls to action.

Trying out different formatting and fonts can be a good first approach to see what is working and what isn’t regarding your email marketing calls to action. You may want to consider different phrasing for your CTAs to see which will deliver the best results. Try different formatting for your email content to see if you can make the call to action stand out more to the reader.

The bottom line is that to improve your conversion rates; you’ll need to experiment quite a lot to see what works and what doesn’t. You know that readers are opening your emails, so it’s essential to find out what prevents them from taking further steps once they have done this.

Email Marketing Example – Low Subscribe Rate

Sometimes, one of the main issues that you might have, which could signify your email marketing campaign needs some help, is a low unsubscribe rate in the first place. Attracting subscribers can often be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. If this is the case for your campaign, then the first place to start is with a review of your sign-up form. See what might prevent potential subscribers from signing up, for example, if there are too many steps involved in getting there.

Along with this, consider the copywriting around your sign-up form and determine if you are doing a good job of describing why somebody should follow your brand in the first place. You may want to redo this so that the benefits of subscribing are defined more clearly, or consider offering more valuable lead magnets to those who decide to subscribe to your email list.

Best Email Marketing Campaign – Best Practices

To avoid problems with your email marketing campaign and get it to a place where it’s running smoothly and getting the results you want, there are a few good best practices to keep in mind. These are:

Email Ad Examples – Keep Your Email List Clean

To avoid issues with unsubscribes and deliverability, you should always clean your email list regularly to ensure that it only contains the names and email addresses of people who are genuinely interested in hearing from you. This way, you know that your emails will be delivered to the right inboxes where they are in with a better chance of being opened and engaged with.

Email Ads Examples – Focus on Subject Lines

Focusing more on your emails’ subject lines can help boost open rates and engagement. If you notice a low open rate, it might simply be that your subject lines are not grabbing enough attention or standing out enough in a sea of emails. These days, people are getting hundreds of emails daily in their inboxes, and they will not notice every single one. To help with mitigating this issue, consider improving subject lines to make them stand out more. For example, personalisation, addressing the customer by their name, or adding emojis to the subject line can make a huge difference.

Emailer Examples – Continuous Testing

Continuous testing of your emails can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your email marketing campaign. A/B or split testing is one of the best methods to figure out what is working better than other strategies in your email marketing campaign. For example, you can test two different subject lines to see which one gets more opens or test different formatting, colours, and even fonts for a call-to-action button to determine which one is having the most significant impact on improving your conversion and engagement rates.

Putting together and running a successful email marketing campaign is not always easy. If you notice any of the above problems, it’s a sign that your campaign could benefit from some help.

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