The Best Snovio Alternatives for Email Verification and Validation

May 1, 2023

It’s 2023 and email marketing shows no signs of slowing down. Depending on which source you turn to, you’ll see figures of $40+ in return for every dollar spent on emails. And with so much money getting poured into this channel, there is no shortage of email marketing tools.

snovio alternatives is one of the most popular in the game, thanks to its wide variety of features revolving around email marketing and sales. But what if you just need a really good tool to verify and validate your emails and clean up your lists?

Then you’re probably on the lookout for alternatives. Today, we’re showing you the very best options and we’re telling you why they’re a suitable choice to replace

Why use is a pretty capable tool that mixes a variety of features in one place. You can use it to find B2B contact details, verify them, send email drip campaigns, warm up your email address for cold outreach and store all of your data in their sales CRM database.  

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On top of all these features, Snovio has a capable Chrome extension that lets you visit people’s LinkedIn profiles and collect their data directly from a page in your browser. The integration also tracks your email messages as you send them out and can send you notifications when your contacts open up an email and read it.

For sales pros, is not just one tool, but the entire foundation for their everyday activities such as setting email sequences through various email marketing platforms. However, it’s not perfect.

If you want unlimited email verification, the ability to schedule emails and manage your email distribution process, there are better alternatives.

Why look for Snovio alternatives?

For one, is chock-full of features, which can be an advantage to many businesses looking for a better email enrichment process. If you’re looking for an all-in-one comprehensive email marketing and sales tool, Snovio is amazing as it is more than just an email extractor. But what if you’re not looking for a Swiss army knife that has everything from enrichment to drip campaigns? Instead, you may be looking for one core functionality such as email verification.

If you’re looking for a tool that does just one aspect of email marketing or management, Snovio is too much. It comes with features that you may not need or ever use and you’re forced to pay for them, creating more problems for your sales team who are concerned about revenue and not learning another tool inside and out.  

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Speaking of which, Snovio’s basic pricing starts at $30 per month, which is affordable enough for an email finder. However, this only gives you 1,000 credits for various activities such as email verification. Compare this with other tools and you’ll quickly realize that Snovio is not exactly cheap.

Couple all of this with a complex user experience and you’ll realize why so many people look for alternatives to the email tracker.

The best Snovio alternatives for cold email outreach, email verification, and validation in 2023

If you’re looking for something with a better user experience, fewer and more streamlined options, and overall a better value for your money, look no further. These are some of the top Snovio alternatives to consider if you want to get in front of more prospects in a more efficient way.

Bouncer – one of the most reliable Snovio alternatives

You know how everyone puts themselves first in these roundup lists? Well, we’re no different. However, there is an important distinction here. Bouncer is not the best alternative to Snovio if you’re looking for all the features that the tool has to offer. However, if you want better email placement in your customers’ inboxes and a super accurate email verification feature, looking into Bouncer is a must.

However, for those marketers who want to keep their email lists pristine and clean at a low price, ensure high deliverability, dodge spam traps and do all of that very quickly, then yes, Bouncer is the right tool for the top of this list.

First off, Bouncer has the best coverage in the email verifier game. You can verify all types of addresses from different email providers. When we say best, we mean it. You can verify deep catchall Office365 and Google Workspace emails on top of your regular business addresses. The result? A super low amount of unknown results, anywhere from 0.3 to 3%, helping you get an accurate prospect list for email campaigns.

The verification in Bouncer is extremely precise and has a bias against false negatives. This means that no matter how many emails you need to check and verify, you won’t lose any thanks to improper categorization and your lead generation efforts won’t be wasted.

No matter how many email addresses you need to verify, you don’t need to plan out your entire day while waiting. It takes an average of one hour to verify as many as 200,000 addresses. If speed is your concern, Bouncer won’t hold your campaigns back.

On a related note, you won’t suffer because of downtime either. We have a zero downtime policy and you can use Bouncer at any time without fear of the app not working. You and your emails are secure thanks to SOC2 certification too.

Also, Bouncer is super easy to use. Granted, it does not have the multitude of features that Snovio does, but that’s the beauty of the product. If you’ve set out to verify and clean up your lists, you can do it with even the basic knowledge of internet use.

Last but not least, Bouncer is affordable. Starting at $0.0015 per verified email, you’ll find it hard to find a better price for email verification anywhere else.

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For those with bigger appetites than just email verification, Uplead has a solution to your problem. If you’ve ever wanted to reach out to large numbers of potential leads but had nowhere to find their data, Uplead provides contact data for all types of businesses with up to 95% accuracy.

Here’s how that works. At the very beginning, you have more than 50 filters to search for target companies, including industry, location, size and many others. Choose the type of leads that interest you and you can get their data points, including phone numbers and emails, all starting with domain search.

Uplead then verifies those emails and leads from your domain search in real time, allowing you to plug them into your favorite email marketing tool. On top of the emails and phones, you also get something called “intent data” which is essentially telling you how likely someone is to purchase based on their business information.

If you want to give this tool a spin, there are five free credits in the free plan. When it comes to the paid version, it costs $890 per year and there is no monthly plan available. This gets you 2,040 credits to use per year. If you’re big on cold outreach campaigns, it can take just a few days to blow through this limit with a small number of searches.

Overall, Uplead is a very versatile tool that does what it promises. For sales professionals, it could be an invaluable starting point to get new business info. However, it’s pretty expensive compared to Snovio and most other entries on this list. If you’re looking for email verification, this is not the tool for the job. If you need a cold outreach tool, check it out but bear in mind that there are cheaper alternatives.


For your sales reps and outreach professionals, having email campaigns that never bounce would be quite handy. This is what Neverbounce promises, and in theory, it delivers.

It’s one of the most popular email validation tools on the market, used by over 125,000 companies globally. They pride themselves on their accuracy and ease of use, but we’ll discuss that in a minute.

Neverbounce allows you to easily upload bulk lists of emails and verify them with high accuracy. On top of that, they let you validate emails at the point of entry. In other words, you add the Neverbounce API to your website and it verifies the address at the moment someone types it out and adds themselves to your list – which is pretty neat and stops spoof emails from being added to your site.

However, users on various platforms such as G2 complain about the accuracy of the tool, with some saying that their bounce rates have, ironically, bumped up higher for their business. If you want to raise an issue, you’ll have to contact customer support through email or chat because there is no phone. Also, it’s pretty expensive compared to the competition, starting at $0.003 per email.

Neverbounce credits never expire, you can easily segment your lists based on the cleaned-up data, and the verification at the point of entry is a nice touch. Overall, a solid tool, albeit a bit expensive and the accuracy email verifier is not that great, especially for large bulk email lists.


Out of all the tools listed here, VoilaNorbert is probably the most accurate Snovio alternative. It offers a similar range of features and tools and it is built to collect leads and automate cold outreach for sales pros, recruiters and anyone sending out cold emails to business owners and prospects.

It all starts with email addresses. You can use Norbert to find anyone’s email address by typing out the name and their website and doing a domain search in their database. Once you have the email, you can verify it within Norbert and get started with your outreach process.

If you don’t need new email addresses and you already have your own, no worries. With Norbert, you can verify and validate an existing list. You can also enrich your data. This means that with just an email or a name, you can get accompanying data such as a phone number for outreach.

Where VoilaNorbert beats Snovio is the pricing, since it’s split up into different packages. You can purchase the lead generation, enrichment, and verification tools separately, which is a great offer if you’re not looking for all the services in a single place.

Depending on what you need, VoilaNorbert can be pretty affordable for some users. Prices start at $49/month for the lead generation, $0.15 per email for enrichment, and $0.001 for verification. If you’re looking for verification alone, tools like Bouncer are a better deal.

Comparison Table of Snovio Alternatives

Snovio Alternatives

Snovio Alternative Key Features Speed & Accuracy Pricing Limitations
Bouncer - Best coverage in the email verifier game - Extremely precise verification - Zero downtime policy - Easy to use - Fast verification process (avg. 1 hour for 200,000 addresses) - Super low unknown results (0.3 to 3%) - Affordable starting at $0.0015 per verified email - In terms of email validation, it has no flaws compared to Snovio
Uplead - Provides contact data with up to 95% accuracy - More than 50 filters for targeted searches - Real-time email verification - Efficient for large-scale lead generation - Expensive ($890/year with 2,040 credits) - No monthly plan available - Limited for email verification purposes
Neverbounce - Validates emails at the point of entry (API integration) - Credits never expire - Easy to segment lists - Used by over 125,000 companies - Expensive starting at $0.003 per email - Users report accuracy issues - No phone support
VoilaNorbert - Offers a similar range of features as Snovio - Accurate lead generation and cold outreach - Split pricing packages for specific needs - Efficient for finding leads and automating outreach - Affordable for some users (starting at $49/month for lead generation, $0.15 per email for enrichment, and $0.001 for verification) - Bouncer offers better deals for email verification alone

Choose your Snovio Alternatives!

By now, you probably understand that Snovio is not the end-all effortless email verification and email management tool. Depending on your needs, many of the competitors from this list will do a similar or much better job for a fraction of the price and with better ease of use.

And if your top concern is clean and validated email lists, we have just what the doctor ordered. With Bouncer as your email verifier, you can clean up huge volumes of email data in a short time frame and power up your sales department to get better results.

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Snovio Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Snovio do?

Snovio is a sales tool that combines lead generation, email verification, CRM and email sending, among other things. It’s built for sales and outreach teams to get everything done in one place. It helps you find contact details and the use’s free email verifier to ensure that the email IDs actually exist and that you’re not reaching out to the incorrect company or person.

Where is Snovio’s headquarters?

Snovio’s company headquarters are located in Ukraine. However, this does not have an impact on the way the tool performs in any shape or form. However, even if you’re located in the United States, their mass email tracker and unlimited email tracking extension will work just fine.

Does Snovio’s email tracker work?

Yes, you can track email delivery status directly in the app. The link tracking part of their extension will tell you (via push notification) if an email has been opened and read. The email tracker extension works with Gmail as well as other email service providers. As long as you’re subscribed, you can get an unlimited email tracker for business email addresses.

Does Snovio have its own email servers?

No, Snovio’s verification and email tracking software has to connect to your email service provider to be able to work. For example, you can connect it and use Snovio with Outlook.

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