You know that your success is dependent upon your ability to reach a wide audience and establish a relationship with individual clients. There are myriad ways to approach this task and countless strategies you can employ to try and succeed. No matter what product you sell or what service you provide, though, you are unlikely to see results if you do not first have a solid foundation of email marketing.

B2B email marketing is the crux of any successful sales campaign, but even industry veterans can struggle to master this element of their communications. Well-planned and executed B2B email strategy can actually simplify tasks around it so you could be as confident in your email campaigns as you are in your company.

Opt for Intuitive Email Marketing Tools

Start with assessing your own needs and honestly take inventory of what tools you need. Are you a small business serving 10 to 20 clients? Are you a bigger company serving more than 50 clients? No matter where you stand, you should assess what tools you need to effectively reach your audience. Investing in tools that you don’t need only eats up precious resources, but cutting corners when you need a full suite of features will leave you unable to reach your audience effectively. You need an email management tool that is fitted to your business’ size and scope. Finding that tool is the first step to creating effective marketing campaigns.


Email Service Provider? Simplicity Over Style

The market is packed with a variety of options to chose from, however at first look for simplicity. It may seem as simple tools are going out of fashion based on recent trends in B2B email marketing as plenty of Email Service Providers are offering complex campaign features instead of simple, straightforward management tools. Though every company has its own unique needs, simplicity often serves B2B organizations best, and it’s the foundation you need to build a successful campaign. Plus it is just quicker to familiarize yourself with the tool. Rather than opting for a suite of bells and whistles, consider whether your tool gives you the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Schedule daily, weekly, or biweekly emails
  • Easily manage your list to add and/or remove subscribers
  • Toggle between accounts and lists if necessary
  • Incorporate media and interactive elements into emails
  • Add easy follow up to recipients to complete sales

Such features make it easier to maximize your email marketing resources without complicating the process with unnecessary add-ons.

Understand Your Audience

B2B marketing is unique because your clients are a tougher crowd than the general public. While a typical customer might respond well to a simple, straightforward marketing move, you know you have to invest a little more time and effort to capture the attention of another business. This creates a catch-22 of sorts; you can relate to business clients easily, but marketing to them can be more difficult. To overcome this hurdle, you must simply work to understand the needs of the companies you serve. Determine what they have in common, what challenges they share, and how your company offers the best solutions. Tailoring your emails to address this angle makes them more appealing to the average business owner than a generalized message.

Make it Personal

According to Forbes, if you send out an email with a subject line that is personalized, it is 26% more likely to be opened than an email with a more generic subject line. Making your B2B email marketing successful is all about tapping into this element of personalization. Though you may have a diverse group of businesses that you cater to, they all have commonalities, and you can achieve the perfect balance by identifying both these unique personal identifiers and the common factors that unite them. Consider what data of your subscribers do you possess and make the best use of it! 

Minimize Unsubscribe Rates

Of course, your email campaigns can only be so effective if your audience does not read them — or worse, unsubscribes from your list. This is an inevitability, but an effective B2B marketing campaign will minimize unsubscribe rates and keep its members consistently engaged in the content. How do you ensure that your subscribers receive and read the campaigns you are sending out? There is no set formula to guarantee this, but there are a few proven strategies that minimize the chances of a mass exodus. Consider the following tips:

  • Provide your contacts with the content that they’ve signed up for!
  • Consistently offer deals and discounts in campaigns
  • Vary content to ensure that it is not always similar to past emails
  • Do not flood recipients with excessive, unnecessary emails
  • Give your audience the ability to manage email frequency

Put the power in the hands of your recipients and let them interact with your campaigns on their own terms. Rather than delivering campaigns that force them to engage based on your own schedule, empowering your audience to set their own preferences lets them engage if, when, and how they want to — which means that they will often engage more frequently and consistently, and more importantly – won’t hit that unsubscribe link.

Verify the Content Before Pressing Send

Managing your email list and ensuring that you can effectively reach your audience are the foundations of effective B2B email marketing. Once you have the tools you need to successfully launch a campaign, though, you’ve still only won half the battle. According to DMNews, the average email contains 7.9 errors per 100 words, a strikingly high statistics for any sender — but especially for businesses that need to make the best impression on email recipients.
Issues like this may seem small, but when your reputation is on the line, they make a big impact on recipients — if you are marketing to a business that specializes in educational curriculum, readers will notice that you do not have the attention to detail that they value. Use tools like i.e. Grammarly which will give you the ability to check your content for any mistakes or mistypes. 

Use the best tech for your email list cleaning

Email marketing platforms and content editing resources are not the only tools you will need to build a successful B2B marketing campaign. When you only invest in part of the essential ones, you are still leaving yourself vulnerable to ineffective marketing and wasted resources. Thus next, you should take care of your B2B email list quality, and select an email verifier that will keep your list clean from old and invalid email addresses. Why? In one sentence – email verification is a crucial part of your email deliverability, and therefore the actual inbox placement. You can read more about the importance of list cleaning here. You will need resources that are backed by the best tech in the field and a platform that is easily navigable. Here comes Bouncer – with state of the art algorithms that will streamline your process and make it simpler than ever to validate your email list. Lightning-fast verification lets you validate your list’s members without the hassle, downtime and error of manual verification processes. More accurate B2B email lists mean a wider audience for your marketing campaigns, better inbox placement and engagement rates. Plus, as a result, it will get you greater returns on your investment

Keep Your Data and Your Customers’ Data Safe

Successfully managing a B2B email list relies on the establishment of mutual trust between you and your clients. According to Data Connectors, millions of email addresses and passwords can be breached in a single year, and many of these breaches occur because of email list administration practices that rely on insufficient security. There are a few essential resources that can prevent such a breach from affecting your company and your customers. When selecting your email marketing tools, always read carefully their privacy policy! Learn what actions they take to prevent such breaches, where do they store your data, are they GDPR compliant? You have worked hard to earn the attention of your clients, and the last thing you need is to jeopardize it with subpar security. Make sure that your clients’ information is as safe as your company’s reputation.

Wrapping up

No matter what kind of business you do or what kind of businesses you serve, an effective B2B marketing campaign is an essential part of the brand you are building. A smart plan that is well executed is a major part of your B2B email marketing success, but it is also essential to choose intuitive tools that will allow you to send, manage, validate, and target your campaigns. Those will maximize your marketing reach. With email verification, you have the ability to get the most out of your email list and ensure that your marketing makes an impact.
You are only as strong as your email marketing campaign, and your campaigns are only as strong as your strategy+tools. Develop a brand that your clients will recognize and respond to by keeping your email marketing top-notch!

Improve your B2B email marketing deliverability with the email checker that countless companies trust. Reach out to Bouncer for more information on how our tool can help you reach those inboxes and help you maintain email communication.